Supershine Diamond Polishing Pad 430mm Light Green – G-400

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The ecological polishing discs SUPERSHINE PADS have multiple applications and can be used with different types of equipment: low speed polishers, manual polishers and scrubbers, in all of them achieving an incredible shine using only water, are suitable for polishing and polishing processes of surfaces, the brightness increases gradually which is perfect for different finishes.

Super Shine System is a new method for daily cleaning and polishing  floors using traditional cleaning discs impregnated with microscopic diamonds.

Super Shine System significantly reduces the need to use chemicals for daily cleaning and periodic floor maintenance. This translates into a reduction in the total cost of floor care. Super Shine System converts tarnished and worn floors into clean, shiny and glossy floors; without any chemical substance.
The discs can be used in marble, terrazzo, concrete,  limestone, epoxy floors.
They can be applied with automatic scrubber, polishing machine,  manual polisher, and high speed polishers.

Highly indicated to use with scrubber machines for the daily maintenance in big areas, as shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, schools, etc.

Green Disc – 400 Rough abrasive that eliminates deep scratches leaving the surface moderately smooth.

Red Disc – 800: Medium abrasive disc that eliminates scratches. Leaving the surface completely smooth and even without any mark on the pavement. Clean the floor and eliminate scratches.

Blue Disc – 1500: Low abrasive disc that by means of micro abrasion, makes a very fine polishing, enhancing the colors and providing a high gloss.

Grey Disc – 3000: Very low abrasive disc that by means of micro abrasion, makes a very fine polishing, enhancing the colors and providing a high brightness. MIRROR GLOSS results.

SUPERSHINE GOLD PAD hardens the floor and gives also protection to the treated surfaces. It can be used with any low speed or high speed polishing machine or scrubber machine, and with the floor only mopped clean or after the polishing with diamond or crystallization. Suitable for all hard floors: marble, terrazzo, polished concrete, granite, sandstone, engineered stone, ceramics,  etc.

– Increase the hardness of the floor.
– Gives protection to the floor.
– Does not slip or mark the footsteps.
– Anti-slip.
– Quick application.
– Mirror shine.

Recommended daily maintenance schedule:

Option A: keep your floor with the blue pad Suitable for maintaining large areas with heavy traffic.

Option B: Keep your floor with the gray pad. Suitable for small and medium rooms, when you need to achieve a MIRROR SHINE.