Purple Supershine Wonder Pad

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Purple Shine – Last step to a mirror finish
The premium finishing disc in the range
Main features include :
Hardens the surface
Mirror shine
Does not slip
Use Only water
For all machines
No experience needed
Improves reflection and brightness quality

Available in 5″ and 17″

Price is for 5″ pad sold separately

Coor& Kleever Supershine ecological polishing discs are ideal for mechanically
polishing surfaces without the need for experience, so anyone
can achieve incredible results without the risk of damaging or staining
surfaces. Supershines surprise with their economy, speed, results and
ease of use. They have the advantage that they are not affected by the
weather, whether it is cold, hot or rainy, the results are always surprising.
They have multiple applications and can be used with different types of
equipment: low-speed polishers, manual polishers and scrubbers, in all
of them achieving an incredible shine using only water