Liquid Hulk Cleaner

£75.00 exc VAT

Liquid Hulk is a combined all-and coarse cleaning solution that combines high cleaning ability with gentle treatment. Is used for all kind of cleaning, from daily cleaning to housecleaning. Hulk effectively removes water-soluble dirt as well as patches of mineral and synthetic oil, soot and grease. Hulk is pH buffered, which means that it maintains its pH value despite the fact that dirty washing water should lower the pH value. It allows the Hulk seem longer and better, then the correct pH-value is an important factor for the actual washing process. Also picks up the dirt from the substrate pores.

Designed for all water resistant floors and surfaces in all operations.

If problems with foaming occur when using a scrubber machine, use Perform Anti-foam in the dirt water tank, follow the dosing on the label.

At point cleaning, always wash the surface with water.

For professional use only. pH about 9.5 in concentrate. Store Frost-free.

Recommended dosage:

Housecleaning: 0.5l to 10 liters of water
Daily Cleaning: 0.25 – 0.5l to 10 liters of water
Mechanical Cleaning: 0.25 – 0.5l to 10 liters of water
Mop: 0.25 – 0.5l to 10 liters of water
Item Cleaning: 5 – 10L to 10 liters of water