430mm Melamine Orbipads for Floor Machines

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3 types available

Melamine pads are ideal for every day hard surface cleaning and maintenance.  Great for porous surfaces like ceramic, marble, concrete, epoxy floors, resin floors and more.  Similar to an eraser, this is a mechanical cleaning process.  The friction caused by the melamine pads release the dirt and filth from the microporous surface without damaging it.


  • Melamine pads are for superficial cleaning. To remove deeper stains add chemicals or use abrasive pads instead.
  • To be used with floor machines or floor scrubbers.
  • Must add water, do not use pads dry
  • About 90% of the time water is enough to obtain great results.
  • Avoid using strong solvents, chlorine or alcohol based chemicals.

The coverage may vary depending on the surface type, condition and porosity. it’s important to choose the right melamine pad for the type of surface.

Orbipad Soft – for smooth surfaces or if being used with a light machine, low durability on rough surfaces.

Orbipad Medium – for rough or anti slip surfaces. It requires more pressure to obtain the best results.

Orbipad Hard – the best choice for very rough surfaces or concrete, high durability but less cleaning power.