Supershine Gold Pad

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Sold each

Available from 4″ to 28″

Revolutionary chemical impregnated pad that gives an awesome MIRROR SHNE.

SUPERSHINE GOLD PAD hardens the floor and gives also protection to the treated surfaces. It can be used with any low speed or high speed polishing machine or scrubber machine, and with the floor only mopped clean or after the polishing with diamond or crystallization. Suitable for all hard floors: marble, terrazzo, polished concrete, granite, sandstone, engineered stone, ceramics, etc.

– Increase the hardness of the floor.
– Gives protection to the floor.
– Does not slip or mark the footsteps.
– Antislip.
– Quick application.
– Mirror shine.

GOLD PAD in all sizes required for polishing machines, scrubbers and manual machines, from 100 mm (4 “) to 710 mm (28”).

GOLD PAD is an evolved disc, ideal for daily floor maintenance with a scrubber dryer or when a high gloss finish is needed. With a single disk you can polish and keep your floors always shiny. It has amazing gloss recovery capabilities, even in high-traffic areas. It is 30% faster than other discs since fewer passes are necessary to obtain an incredible result. It can also be used with polishing and high speed machines.

Also, GOLD PAD gives an extra chemical protection to the floor so its shine lasts longer.
GOLD PAD is available in all sizes for all single discs and scrubbing machines .
Just add water!