Bonastre 430mm Support Pad Pro

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Firmly attach your Munchen Diamond Resins to Bonastre’s Support Pro Pad. Durable and simple.

Pro package comes with the backing pad and 4 Munchen Resin segments, just choose your colour.

Use on surfaces marred by substantial damage like deep scratches or stubborn stains. Utilising the power of water alone, these diamond tools adeptly restore the surface without any risk of causing harm. The process is remarkably straightforward. For a finishing touch, we recommend incorporating the Supershine Gold and Wonder Pad Purple at the end of the polishing process—the end result will be amazing.

  • Easy system
  • To clean and polish.
  • Spectacular lasting mirror brightness. Even non-slip shine when wet.
  • Eliminate deep scratches & etching.
  • Only with water
  • Ease of use.
  • Eco friendly, without chemicals. With rotary or scrubber.
  • Low cost
  • How to use
  • In normal conditions, we will start with the PRO1 RED and if there are deep scratches or acidic stains, we will start with the PRO 0 BLACK.
  • Add water and make a minimum of 3-4 crossed passes, Vacuum and repeat if necessary in each one of the PRO. If necessary, make more passes.
  • Repeat the process with the Pro 1 RED,  3 crossed passes, vacuum and then do 3-4 passes with Pro 2 BROWN. Then you have two options to polish the floor
  • Use Supershine Gold pad for a quick high gloss glow or if you want to get a maximum mirror finish follow with the Purple Wonder Pad.
For the maintenance of surfaces with high traffic, we recommend using Gold pad.
This pad will maintain a high level of shine without damaging or destroying the surface, being the most suitable for high traffic areas and daily use.