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Stone Masons Tools

We pride ourselves on the range of Stone Masons Tools available, we have quality, professional measuring tools, French drags and hammer and mallets used by stone masons throughout the UK.

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Sold each 2 sizes avilable

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Stadium Marking Crayons

Sold box of 12 3 Colours available

Product details

Plugs & Feathers

Sold per set 2 sizes available

Product details

Flat Steel Drags

Sold each 3 different tooth sizes...

Product details

Lewis Pin - Single Pin

Sold each 2 lifting weights available

Product details

Beton Hooks

Sold each 2 sizes available

Product details

Stone Saws

Sold each 2 sizes available

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Red Tile Wedges

Sold each Pack of 250

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Royal Sovereign Chinagraph Pencils

Sold box 12 4 Colours available

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