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This is an easy to use system for use with water-fed hand machines such as Flex for smaller areas such as vanity tops or stairs.  These diamond discs are completely flat keeping the spray from the water to a minimum so less mess to clear up.


To be used with a standard 5" Velcro Moss Head.

Firstly attach the White pad to the Velcro Head.  Next attach the Black Double Sided Velcro to the White Pad.  (If the discs are used without the white pad they will burn out very quickly)

STEP ONE:  Magic Renova No. 1 (Red).  Attach this disc to the Black Velcro and using water and a slow speed work the disc over the stone up and down then left to right for at least 3 passes each way.  Using a squeegee completely remove the slurry.

STEP TWO:  Magic Renova No. 2 (Orange).  Repeat Step One.

(White pad and Black Double Sided Velcro sold as part of the Magic Renova Starter Kit)

STEP THREE:  Magic Renova No. 3 (Yellow).  Repeat Step One twice thoroughly removing the slurry between steps.

STEP FOUR:  Revolution Compact Green Pad (4).  Again repeat step one.


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