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Stone Floor Polishing Systems

The Revolution Polishing System is a unique method of polishing Marble, Limestone & Terrazzo without using any chemicals.  There are 4 basic steps with additional grades for very scratched stone.  This system can be used either with a slow speed rotary floor machine or using a hand rotary machine such as a Flex water-fed polisher.  The first 2 grades are resin diamonds used on a flat drive board.  The second 2 steps are diamond encrusted pads to finish the floor and bring up a beautiful shine.  The mixture of both resins and pads helps to eliminate the orange peel effect that pads alone can sometimes leave.  The last pad is then used as often as possible with water to maintain the floor and shine.

Water MUST be used with this system using a wet vacuum to take up the slurry between grades.

For use on large areas such as supermarket floors use our Revolution Pro System on scrubber driers.


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