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Megapoxy structural adhesives are two component, high strength assembly adhesives exceeding all existing international standards.

  • Does not stain, burn or dehydrate even the most sensitive types of marble
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, timber and stone
  • Ideal for use in stone prefabrication artisan work
  • Non-sag properties allow stonemasons to install panels at varying distances from the wall and fix to vertical or inclined surfaces as called for by design
  • Heavy panels in high rise installations can be securely fixed with Megapoxy using stainless steel wire ties or anchors
  • No need for sand bags, cement, wet mortars, shovels and suitable mixing sites for concrete
  • Megapoxy can be mixed anywhere in either large or small voumes on site and be used immediately
  • Megapoxy increases stonemasons productivity two or three times due to ease of application and speed of fixing

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Megapoxy HX is a Solvent free & Hydrophilic extra low viscosity Epoxy resin.  

Ideal for filling hairline cracks and strengthening marble.

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