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Relay Diamonds for Polishing with Floor Machines

Sold each.
Usually used in sets of 5.
6 Grades available

These diamonds are used with water for polishing.

These diamonds are not exact grades only approximate, because of this less steps are needed to polish the stone.  On most marbles only 2 grades are needed to reach an approximate grade of 400 and then to proceed with crystallisation for a high shine, (3 grades on darker/harder marbles).

Can be used on Granites but NO grades can be skipped.

For any advise on this please telephone 020 8686 7997.


Product Code Product Name Quantity
29142M00 White - For Heavy Scratches (approx Grade 30)
29124M0 Green (approx Grade 60/70)
29114M1 Blue (approx Grade 120/150)
29116M2 Yellow (approx Grade 400)
29118M3 Red (approx Grade 1000)
29123M4 Orange (approx Grade 2000)

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