Why not visit Tom Barons web site at where he has written a book about stonecarving.  This book has step by step instructions on how to start carving.  Listed below are three tool kits that Tom Barron suggests for basic carving, these can be purchased from us.
TOOL KIT 1 (basic)
54111     4mm TCML Chisel HH Red           see product section 54
54112     6mm TCML Chisel HH Red          see product section 54
54114     10mm TCML Chisel HH Red         see product section 54
40124     12mm FS Carving Gouge HH       see product section 40
23100     Diamondsharp Block                   see product section 23
40161     1lb Dummy Round                        see product section 40
12117     Safety Glasses                           see product section 12
50166     Tool Roll                                   see product section 50
TOOL KIT 2 (basic + upgrade)
             All tools in Kit 1
             All tools in Kit 3
TOOL KIT 3 (upgrade)
42109     12mm FS Punch L/D HH            see product section 42
40136     12mm FS Carving Claw HH        see product section 40
40163     2lb Dummy Round                     see product section 40
All above tools are available at current prices and are subject to carriage and VAT charges.
Granite & Marble Repair Kit
Granite and marble surfaces, whilst being very hard wearing and durable can become chipped or scratched easily.  The ART repair kit can be used to produce high quality repairs on all types of damage (chips, scratches, damaged corners etc).
The key to the kit is the LED curing light that is used to cure the coloured fillers that are supplied in the kit.  All colours of granite and marble can be repaired easily and quickly (a normal repair should take no more than 15 minutes from start to finish).
Repairs can be carried out in a workshop environment or after the granite has been fitted for the customer as there is very little mess created, repairs can even be carried out on a vertical surface.
The curing process is very quick (60 seconds), once cured, the fillers exhibit high impact, temperature and abrasion resistance.
The kit also includes a plane for levelling the fillers and polishing products to bring the sheen level of the repaired area back to the sheen of the rest of the stone.
Fine granite particles are also supplied in the kit, they can be used in conjunction with the fillers in larger chipped areas to give the repaired area a sparkled effect on granite such as black star galaxy.
A training DVD is also supplied with the kit enabling the user to see a visual demonstration of repairs being carried out to granite and marble.
Please contact Crawshaws if you require a demonstration.
Australia's leading structural adhesive, Megapoxy, is now available from Crawshaws.  Megapoxy is set to revolutionise marble and stone cladding by doubling or trebling the rate of installation.
Designed with stonemasons in mind, it has been used for installing thousands of square metres of marble and granite interiors and exteriors all over the world.  Stonemasons say they trust it's unique ease of application and safe and sound fixing.
In markets where it is used, Megapoxy is regarded as the most suitable bonding material for pre-fabrications, marble and granite furniture manufacturing and decorative stonework.
Megapoxy bonds all stone (including marble) to stone, timber, steel, brick, concrete or any other construction material.  Old methods of fixing often limited design possibilities, but Megapoxy allows for advanced designs easily, quickly and efficiently.
Megapoxy's non-sag properties allow stonemasons to install panels at varying distances from the wall, fix to vertical or inclined surfaces and fit panels at different distances from the wall to correct out-of-plumb alignment.  Its unique spot application process creates a ventilated cavity between wall and slab, ideal for heat and sound insulation.
Unlike concrete, Megapoxy doesn't stain, burn or dehydrate even the most sensitive marble.  Probems previously experienced with ageing concrete causing cladding to dislodge have been eliminated by Megapoxy's very strong permanent bond.
Cured Megapoxy retains elasticity and is unaffected by vibrations, shocks and seismic movements.  It can withstand strong wind loads and absorbs the expansion and contraction of stone cladding caused by variations in ambient temperatures.
Megapoxy is available in 4 litre and 20 litre re-sealable kits, with a two-year shelf life.  Megapoxy is manufactured under strict quality management systems, Lloyds Register and National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA), conforming to ISO 9002.
Megapoxy has been manufactured by Vivacity Engineering Pty Ltd in Australia for 25 years and is now available in the United Kingdom through Crawshaws. 
Crawshaws is delighted to be able to announce that they are now one of the main distributors for K-Grip.  K-Grip is a scientific breakthrough in slip resistant technology.  It provides for the first time a durable material that can be applied to any surface and is expected to reduce the high number of accidents that occur from slips, trips and falls.
K-Grip provides a versatile answer to a very common problem and is designed to fit an almost unlimited variety of applications whilst also being easy and inexpensive to apply.  It combines an extremely robust construction with high traction surfaces providing a complete anti-slip safety system particularly useful for stone and marble surfaces whether floors, steps or ramps.  The mechanical properties are virtually unaffected by heavy usage in severe conditions.  K-Grip is so versatile that it can be applied on site to interior and exterior surfaces in small or large metreages and in any colour or pattern to suit the individual requirements, ideal for visual contrast for safety or decorative purposes.  Luminous K-Grip is available for application on fire escapes and other similar situations.
This breakthrough has come at an opportune time, as legislation is now in force from both the building regulators and the Disability Discrimination Act, making future compliance a necessity.  K-Grip has passed a range of safety tests for abrasion and slip resistance.  Accident statistics show that about one third of all accidents today are caused by slips, trips and falls and K-Grip can dramatically reduce this number whilst at the same time helping companies comply with the latest building legislation.